Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Projects


The primary reason for waterflooding or injecting water into an oil reservoir is to increase the oil-production rate and, ultimately, the oil recovery. This is accomplished by "voidage replacement"—injection of water to increase the reservoir pressure to its initial level and maintain it near that pressure. The water displaces oil from the pore spaces, but the efficiency of such displacement depends on many factors (e.g., oil viscosity and rock characteristics). 

Polymer Flood

Polymer flood is a step beyond waterflood. Polymer is a non-toxic chemical powder that is mixed with water to create a solution that has a viscosity similar to olive oil. The polymer solution is incorporated into our existing water separation and reinjection system and pipelined to our injector wells. The utilization of a polymer flood is designed to increase oil production and recovery. The thicker polymer solution improves sweep efficiency of a simple waterflood and reduces bypassed oil in the reservoir by minimizing premature water breakthrough. 


  • Increase oil production
  • Increase oil recovery
  • Minimize surface environmental footprint
  • No surface/fresh water used in EOR operations
Polymer graphic