Land in rural Alberta



At Hemisphere we are reimagining what it means to be a resource company. Our team focuses on what we do best and looks for ways to do it better, cheaper, and faster. We constantly review costs within our control, apply new and proven technology to improve oil recovery of our assets, and think of ways to maximize our value and minimize our footprint. 


The Hemisphere team breathes new life into used and forgotten assets. We do this by looking at existing oil pools differently and by reusing, recycling, and repurposing equipment. This approach saves money, accelerates construction timing, and lessens our environmental impact.


Hemisphere has remarkable resources. From our long life, exceptional quality, high netback and low decline conventional heavy oil assets to our entire team that strives for excellence, we are positioned for success.

Hemisphere Energy Corporation is committed to creating value and returns for our shareholders through the development of our assets in the Atlee Buffalo area of southeast Alberta. We focus on sustainable growth of our high-netback, low decline heavy oil pools utilizing enhanced oil recovery methods and proven exploitation technologies. To maximize shareholder value Hemisphere’s strategy includes:

  • Maintain strong, flexible balance sheet
  • Invest capital in projects with the best economics
  • Apply proven technologies to minimize development risk and maximize oil recovery
  • Continue responsible development with minimal environmental impact
  • Strategically execute share buyback program
  • Work with the people and businesses in our communities
  • Uphold a culture of honesty, integrity, and accountability